Wundermax Decorative Door Stopper Review (6-Pack & 3-Pack, Gray / White)

Wundermax Door stopper

We are reviewing the number one Door Stopper on Amazon today from Wundermax, earning
titles Best Seller & Amazon’s Choice on search. From our experience, it already has what it
takes to be everyone’s go-to Door Stopper. Read on to find out why.

For such simple products, we’re faced with problems on small purchases: what if it’s not good
enough? What if it doesn’t work? What if the quality is bad? Or even worse, what if I can’t trust
the seller?

Wundermax’ promise with their Decorative Door Stopper is simple as well: you don’t have to
think about it. Everything works and much more.


The Wundermax Decorative Door Stopper comes in two colors – gray and white. Both look really
great depending on what theme your space is, but we prefer the white one more due to its
elegant appeal. You may want the gray one if you need more contrast.
If you need more door stoppers for more doors, you can also get the 6-pack from Amazon, more
for less – you save $6.

Packaging & Freebies

The Door Stoppers come in nice packaging, boxed if you get the 6-pack and a mix of carton and
plastic when you get the 3-pack. It also comes with Holders for each Door Stopper, and there’s
a nice touch of having a free Door Hanger sign with the note “Keep Door Open”, perfect if you
really need to tell people not to mess with the door.

The holders come with 3M material so you can attach it behind your door with ease too. This is
to allow users to easily put away the Door Stoppers if they’re not in use. We think this is a nice
touch on Wundermax’ part as most sellers would no longer bother to think about the experience
right after the purchase.

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Design & Construction

Now, let’s look at the quality and features of the Door Stopper itself: the rubber feels very dense
and functional. Wundermax says it’s made out of Premium Quality Rubber and is REACH
certified odorless – and that exactly seems to be the case – which is very important as you don’t
want a Door Stopper that causes bad odor. You also don’t want something on the floor within
reach of babies & pets to be untested and unsafe too.

It also doesn’t feel cheap at all, and is the best we’ve ever used. We tried bending it forward and
back, and it feels extremely durable. Your doors will be open for a millenia!


With the quality out of the way, let’s talk about how it looks: it looks extremely plain, minimalist
and elegant for such a simple product. With the two colors we mentioned above, it looks perfect
on both clean and intricate spaces. With the door stopper holder, you’re also sure to not leave
any mess after use.

The Door Stoppers measure at L 4.8” x W 1.6” x H 1”, so they fit most doors in the house (most
doors just need 1-inch anyway). They also work like magic because they work on any surface –
wood, tiles, cement and other floors! It’s also wise to get the 6 pack because if some doors are
too big, you can easily stack up two Door Stoppers from them and they will still work. It works on
even heavy doors, and they hold them open with no problem.

We used the Wundermax Door Stoppers on steel & glass doors, and different types of wooden
doors, and they work just fine.

Price & Customer Support

With all of that said, we think there’s good reason why the Wundermax Decorative Door Stopper
is the best selling one on Amazon. It comes with the most functional freebies and quality that is
well thought of. You just buy a set and you don’t need to put extra thought into it – any surface,
any door, any style – you’re going to be all set.

You can get the 3-Pack Gray for $12.99 which is definitely worth the price (and sometimes they
cut it lower) while you can get the 3-Pack White for $13.99, and the 6-Pack Gray for $19.99
(save $6). If you buy multiple Door Stoppers, you can also get additional discounts by applying
promo codes on Amazon.

You can buy them now – and if you’re interested, they also sell Padfolios for professionals to work with.

So now comes the 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you check their reviews on Amazon, they’re
all positive. If you have any problems with your purchase, they’re always willing to assist
you, and they are willing to do a refund fast and easy… not that you need to do that as we are
very satisfied with our experience.

We definitely recommend this Decorative Door Stopper above everything else. If you enjoyed
this review, you can share this with your friends and help them decide on their purchases too.

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