Best Garage Door Keypad Reviews to Easily handle Your Garage [2018]

Top Garage Door Keypad

Looking for the best garage door keypad reviews?

it is a very important part of your garage door.

A garage door keypad makes your daily life easier. You are wondering how? You need a car for the day-to-day operations. When you get home you type your particular password and enter the garage.

It makes your life easier and comfortable. Most important part is the privacy and security. Without the right password, nobody can enter the garage. Not all garage doors are capable of syncing with your garage door.

In this article, I can guide you to the best product. In the article, the product is described the most reviewed and the most precious product on the market. So these products surely can fulfill your desire. You can also use overhead garage door remote for your garage.

Comparison Chart of Different Brands of Garage Door Keypad With Editorial Ratings: 





Chamberlain KLIK2U Clicker Universal Garage Door KeypadCheck Now4.9
Liftmaster 877max Wireless Keyless Entry SystemLiftmaster 877max Wireless Keyless Entry SystemCheck Now5.0
Genie GK-R Intellicode2 Wireless KeypadGenie GK-R Intellicode2 Wireless KeypadCheck Now4.8
Universal 387LM Keyless EntryUniversal 387LM Keyless EntryCheck Now 


MARANTEC Garage Door Opener M13-631 Wireless Keyless Entry 315MHzCheck Now4.0


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The best garage door keypad

1.Chamberlain KLIK2U Clicker Universal Garage Door Keypad

Chamberlain KLIK2U Clicker Universal Garage Door Keypad
This imported device can make your life easy. This flexible garage door keypad is compatible almost any standard brands garage doors.

The keypad can handle all sensors after manufacturing 1993 garage door. which have the standard safety sensors.

The keypad has the backlit, you can open easily in the middle of the night. This keyless keypad gets the 4-digits code entry.

Smart learn technology is easy to programmable and the frequency recognition. The sliding cover is for safety,  from the rain or the basketball. The keypad operates with the 9 volts battery.

So you don’t need to worry about the constant power supply. Almost all garage door keypad are the wireless. No visible wire are shown around the keypad.

Without the right code, you can not open the garage. The instruction comes with the package. The program set is also an easy task, you can fix the product within a minute. Only needs two screws to set up the device.

The manufacturer claims that this device can handle 99.9% of the garage door. The device is very lightweight.

It is only 0.5 ounces. And the device size is only 2 x 5 x 9 inches. The product review in the market is very good. Before I Told you that only the best manufacturing brand I will present here for you.

The product price is reasonable. One thing I can say, it is worth to buy it.

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2.Liftmaster 877max Wireless Keyless Entry System

Liftmaster 877max Wireless Keyless Entry System
This is another excellent Garage Door Keypad,  I am presenting. You don’t need to hunt the garage door remote every time you arrive at home. Smoothly you can open and close the door with using the keypad.

Without the code no one able to open the door. The backlit are visible for the opener in the night.

It is compatible with all garage doors after build 1993 and has the security 2.0 rolling code technology. It can eliminate all radio frequency inference. The device has the backlit for the great visibility.

It operates with the 9 volts battery. Better to get an extra pair of battery at home. This device has an advantage. You can set the temporary security code for the entrance. For the visitors or for the friends it is a great option to utilize.

The manual instructions come along with the product. Easy to set the program. You can press the button and set the program within few seconds.

The review is excellent for this product. For the great specification and the brand, this product has the high value in the market.  This product is very much handy and inexpensive. The device is limited for two doors.

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3.Genie GK-R Intellicode2 Wireless Keypad

Genie GK-R Intellicode2 Wireless Keypad
This wireless keypad is dual frequency operated. If you have the interference then this can handle the alternative frequency.

It operates with the 315 MHZ and the 390 MHZ frequency.

It is capable of controlling up to three garage door. The dual frequency make sure that it is flexible in any condition.

The keypad is compatible with the Intellicode 1 technology.

The keypad has the backlight.  Also, the keypad has the flip cover.

The device is water resistance. In the rain, snow, wind, it can handle all weather.

This keyless keypad access system able to get the four digits code for the security. This device is compatible with all garage door manufacturers after 1996. The device security system is excellent.

It uses the rolling code technology, which can change the openers access code every time used. It is very difficult for the unauthorized entry. The instruction of the keypad comes with the product. You can easily set the device program.

The company have an excellent customer care option. The device operates with the 9 volts battery. No content power flow option is needed.

The battery comes with the product. It is a wise decision to get an extra pair of batteries at home for safety. The review of the product is great.

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4.Universal 387LM Keyless Entry

Universal 387LM Keyless Entry
This Universal keyless keypad capable of handling all the garage doors.

It operates with the multiple frequencies. It operates with the 300, 310, 372, 390 MHZ. So any frequency interaction it can handle. And it is compatible with all the brands.

No key and remote needed for the operate the device. No wire needed to controlling the device also.

It operates with the two AA batteries. Means it operates with the 9 volts. Easy to programmable and operates.

The clear instructions come with the product. You can set the product to 7 minutes. The rolling code technology perfectly can handle your door security.

The device suggests four codes for the safety. The manufacturer is made this product to keeping in mind the customer’s needs.

The price of the product is very reasonable. Reliable this universal product is water resistance.

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5.MARANTEC Garage Door Opener M13-631 Wireless Keyless Entry 315MHz

MARANTEC Garage Door Opener M13-631 Wireless Keyless Entry 315MHz

This Garage Door Keypad is compatible with the remote control of M3-2312, M3-2314, and M3-3313. The product comes with the metal surfaces and screws, and batteries.

Also, the instructions come with the product. The instructions are clear to follow. You can set the program easily within 3 minutes.

The device works with the 315 MHZ. The keypad has the new technology and the stylish looks.

It can able to control the three different garage. The wireless and keyless this product has the comfortable price.

The device has the large LED backlit buttons. The market reviews are excellent.

The device will allow you to give four digits codes for the safety. It is impossible to hack from the outside. No outside entry can be possible with this product.

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Garage door keypad is always a very important thing to operate. But to make it work properly you need the best quality garage door rollers, lubricants, cable, torsion spring, seals etc. Always go for the best product that will help you to run everything smoothly.