How to Clean Magnetic Screen Doors

cleaning magnetic screen doors

Cleaning magnetic screen doors is a lot easier than what most people think. You must keep it clean to make the most use of it. And this is very important because filthy screen doors doesnt look at all. It gives a negative impression when someone sees it. You can read about the best magnetic screen doors in here.

How to remove the screen:

The screens are very easy to work with. When necessary just pull it form the corner. It will come out. There will be magnet attached. Removed them carefully. These are used to tighten the grip. Removing these will make it retractable. There should be an indication of where you should start removing it from.

How to Clean the Magnetic Door Screen

If you are looking to clean it every day (which you should), just dusting should do fine. You can use normal feather duster or clothes to do it. Just don’t use force. If you think that it needs a good wash, just remove it. Most of the magnetic screen doors are totally washable.

You can wash it with clean water and soap. After clearing dry it up and just put it back on the door. Apply the magnets properly so that it is tight. Washing the screens ones or twice per year should be enough. But if your neighborhood is a bit dusty, you should clean it more often.

You can use vinegars to clean them properly. Watch the video below to get a clearer view. You can use the installation kits to remove them as well.

How to Clean the Magnets and Frames:

To clean the magnets and frames, you should remove them completely from the door. After removing them, wipe them with dry clothes. Make sure the cloth is soft otherwise it might hamper the magnetism of the magnet. Try to clean it regularly so that any dust can’t settle in for very long.

How to clean screens with vinegar: