how to make a Burlap Door Hanger [Step by Step Guide]

burlap door hanger


Want to learn how to make a burlap door hanger?

In this tutorial, we will show how to make a cool hanger. Or you can read this door hanger review article to find the best hanger for your home.

Now let’s start the journey:

Step 1 : Find a good design. Take googles help if you are out of ideas. Just search “best burlap door hanger ideas” and google will show you lots of ideas.

Step 2: Cut two layers of burlap. Make sure they are same

Step 3: Paint one of them like the design you chose. Please carefully use the paint. Acrylic paint will be good.

Step 4: Dry the piece properly before you are using it.

Step 5: Just hot glue the edges of both parts. Keep the upper part open for stuffing.

Step 6: Stuff the middle with poly stuffing or cotton and close it.

Step 7: Trim the sidelines to make it even and beautiful

Step 8: Use floral wire to make the hanger.

Now you got yourself a beautiful burlap door hanger.


When painting, make sure you are in a proper place and using proper tools. Paintings can get really messy and jeopardize your room floor or desk.

Use glued gun very carefully. These are guns are usually very hot and can do damage to your skins. Make sure your fingers don’t get stuck in the glues.


You can Follow this video tutorial as well to make a fine burlap door hanger: