5 Best dovetail Jig to make you a Jig wiz in 2018

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First of all, what is a dovetail jig?

Dovetail jig is a simple process that used in woodworking. It is a technique of joining two parts of wood with each other.

The joint is well recognized for the superb strength. No mechanical clasp is needed in this joining process. For example screw for tieing up the wood each other.

The finger that attaches the boards with each other is known as pin and tail.

The pins are located on aboard on the other hand the tails are on the reverse sideboard.

But in some case, the woods are attached to each other by rectangular tails and pins. This is easy for cutting a saw of dovetail.

This method has been utilizing since from the ancient period. It can be seen in the old Egyptian civilization. They applied it in their tomb.

The super advantage of the dovetail is that it has a powerful strength. It can be realized in tension.

After adding the glue it becomes much strong. In the surface region, the glue creates a bond.

Five types of dovetails are known and practiced by all:

Through Dovetail: In this dovetail, the joints are looking clearly. The joints remain visible.

Inbox construction, it can be seen. Because it is treated as a feature. So it keeps on the display as show off by woodworkers.

Secret Mitered: It is totally an opposite structure from the previous one. The joints are not
visible. These joints are kept in the out of view. It is staying in a hidden state.

It is usually seen in cabinetry. The woodworkers are never wanted to unveil the joints. As it will affect the look.

Half blind: This is the combination of through and secret mitered dovetail. The joints can be seen in one direction as it keeps visible. On the other direction, the joints cannot be seen as it is remaining hidden.

This category is available in drawers. In the front side of the drawer, you never face any joint. In this place, the joining is kept in hiding. But in inside part it is visible.

Secret double lapped: It is quite similar to miter. But it is not widely used.

Sliding Dovetail: For joining two boards the sliding is applied. The two boards are attached to each other at the center line divider. The joint is formed by cut the sockets. The tails slide is kept on the sockets and holds each other.

The through, half blind and secret metered is widely and commonly used dovetail.

There are others classy categories also available. The above fives are more familiar and accepted.
Dovetail is very popular and demanding to the customers.

Where are the Dovetail jigs applied?

I told it before that it has been using from thousand years ago. At ancient period it is used for forming wooden home. Still now for making a wooden home, this method is applying.

Commonly it is seen in furniture making. For any given design and attaching wood, it is a most widely used technique.

Other wooden utensil or making any sports item it can be applied.

At first sight, you may think that dovetail jigs are very complex apparatus and the working procedure is also complex. No, actually it is not a too much complex thing.

Generally, a dovetail jig is a simple application for dovetail joining. It delivers a professional wood attach. It gives the perfect and effective joining.

The professional carpenter or any woodworker knows the difficulties of dovetail joints by empty hand. Not only it is a difficult task but also it takes much time and less effective.

In a manual way needs a huge calculation, marking. It needs to cut and to a proper lineup.

In had made joining process takes much time, experience and patient. All time it cannot be provided or available. It also cannot assure you about a 100% efficient end result.

So not depends on manual method anymore. Now think about dovetail jig. It can able to solve your work within few times that you needed more in hand joining system. The calculation time is very short and quick.

Overall it is thousand times better and easier to attach wood.

Now many companies are involving to produce dovetail jigs. This product is not a costly item. But if you can spend a bit more then you get better feedback.

This will provide you many features and new tricks. The joints will be much finer and faster.

Perfect Dovetails secret: Just follow a simple technique. Check that it can fast and quickly cuts tails and then cut pins for fitting tails.

If pins are cut before tails then fitting is becomes difficult.

Various types and numerous qualities dovetail jigs are available in market. All are not capable of delivering proper task. But some are really unique and exceptional in features and quality.

Best dovetail jigs :

  • AKEDA dovetail jig
  • Dovetail Jig porter cable
  • D4 pro dovetail jig
  • Leigh super 12 dovetail
  • Keller dovetail jig
  • fdfd

1. AKEDA dovetail jig:

Discover the adventure of joining. The AKEDA is unique quality and adjustment free item. It is very consistent and provides absolute accuracy.

It is new generation jig, available layout.

By using it you get pleasure and relax. It acts like a guide. First you can learn from it. The tool takes less time to set up. The operation is easy and smooth. Every complicated tusk can carry out with it. It is simple but elegant type.

The innovative type layout provides free adjustment.

The manufacturer designed it for profitable function. In commercial field, the item can be a reliable partner. For cabinetmaking, it could be the coolest choice.

Professional woodworkers want high production. So they deserve productive item. The AKEDA is able to deliver high production. It is designed in such a way that it can be a versatile and user friendly object.

The AKEDA can make the new user a professional by dealing with it.

New accessories of AKEDA:

1. Starter kit
2. Guide bushing
3. Strip adjuster
4. Case for wood and other equipment2. Dovetail Jig porter cable:

Porter cable is most cost effective customer reliable brand. The Porter cable is producing various models. The models are assuring better performance and expecting result.

The Porter cable can joints the wood piece without measuring. And it is giving a quick setup facility and really reliable among the consumers.

2. Porter cable dovetails Jig templates:


1. Includes mini box joints
2. Allows quick set up
3. Gives accuracy performance without measurement
4. Includes lock nuts, instruction manual, and wrench.
5. Superb cutting power and long-lasting service.

3. D4 pro dovetail jig:

This is Very beautiful configuration and eye attacking. Single templates are offering both half blind and through dovetail.

It is providing patchy spacing as long as sliding. The materials for forming it are very constructive. Gives an easy setup and treats as a helpful reminder.

If you are seeking for the best type the Leigh is out of the competition. From 30 years they are servicing in wood sectors and a variable finger.

The joining speed and accuracy are really fantastic.

Leigh d4 pro 24 dovetails with accessories: It has24-inch wide router. It has extra 12 router bits as long as AC kit.

It features with adjustable fingers. You find a half pin on top and rest of it on the bottom.

Including things:

1. Dovetail Cutters
2. Straight cutter
3. Reducer
4. Guide bush
5. (VRS)Vacuum router support
6. DVD instruction
7. Dovetail bits
8. Shank bits

4. Leigh super 12 dovetail:


1. Easy cam action
2. Al clamp bars
3. Variable spacing

Including item:

1. ½ inch 8 degree dovetail bit
2. ½ 14 degree dovetail bit
3. 5/6 inch straight bit
4. Screwdriver square drive
5. User guide
6. DVD instruction

Leigh super 12 dovetail jig manual:

It is highly popular with carpenters. It is easy to deal and very easy to learn for beginners.

The instruction manual makes it suitable for users.

5. Keller dovetail jig:

It is easy using and a time reducing product.

It does not need any test cuts.

It does not require any guide bush.

Its accuracy is known by all woodworkers.

Porter cable dovetail jig 4210 vs. 4212:

The difference comes from finger template. Which templates you require depends on your joints.

For blind and sliding think about 4210 model. It helps to cut box joints.

Use 4216 for mini dovetails.

Leigh d4 vs. d4 pro:

The pro has included:

1. Template guide
2. ½ inch and 8 degree dovetail bit
3. 5/16 inch straight bit
4. ½ inch to 8 millimeter collect reducer
5. Speed camp
6. User guide
7. DVD instruction
8. Wrench
9. Stop rod made of nylon

The old d4:

It also included quiet same things and features just like the new model.

But the differences are new one is an updated model.

Which are the buying factors of jig?

There are some techniques are need to use before buying. You should keep in mind the following facts before buying the best dovetail jig:

Affordable: Make sure that it is affordable in price.

Versatile: It has the capacity to joints all types joining.

Easy use: It has to be minimizing the pressure of joining. This is assuring you an easy operation.

Fixed Vs. variable dovetail:

Here you can get both of the features, advantages, and drawback. Then you can make a decision.

Fixed Jigs: It is made by aluminum. Here the pins and the tails have a fixed distance.


Easy use: It is offering you the easiest templates. Just set it and then cut.

Friendly: It is absolutely user-friendly especially for the new user. It can turn them into a professional one.

Affordable: It is very cheap in price

Light: It is made of aluminum. So it is very light in weight.


Too much complex. Joining is difficult.

Variable Dovetail:

It is a hand cut joining. It is very reliable to the professionals. The pins and the tails of this item are fast and easy adjustable.


1. Makes countless gorgeous joint with tails and pins.
2. Variable jig
3. Versatile in quality


The operation is a little bit difficult but you can tolerate it.

The pros are so much that the problems just overshadow it.

Dovetail Jig using tips:

Some effective practical tips are expressing below to use perfect Dovetail Jigs.

Tightness: Too loose or too cut is not accurate. For cutting properly need a standard depth.

Proper adjustment can only give you this chance. It is mostly when you are in variable jigs.

Shallowness: Some case the pins are not set in right way into sockets. If you face this then adjust in such a way that it can moves to the body back.

Offset: Sometimes edges are not flushing. In this time adjust alignment. Correctly measurement is key to get an accurate result.

Pin cutting: First cut pin. It is a good practice. It helps to fits the tail. But if you cut the tail fast then you face problem to fix it.

Measurement note down: If you can get perfect joint then point it for a further period. It helps to reproduce next time.

Benefits of applying Dove jig:

It can give a perfect and proper joining. Not only have the proper joints it is also able to make the object good looking.

It can attach two wooden objects in such a way that it will be durable in a long time.

It is the simple but the best joining technique.

For attaching your woods either for the profession or only for home even just a hobby uses the best and classy jig.

If you properly follow the above instruction then it will be not difficult to get the right item.

After collecting the best product use and maintain it correctly. If you are an experienced guy you will realize its benefits and if you are new you can learn it quickly.

By utilizing the best product in best way can give you the best end result that will cross your expectation.