5 Best Magnetic Screen Door Reviews for bug free Home [2018]

Best Magnetic Screen Door

The best magnetic screen door is just like a curtain. This magnetic screen door contains small mesh like a net and this net protects you and your family from all kind of insects or bugs. This is often referred as fly screen mesh as well. Please keep in mind while buying:

  • It should be environmental-friendly.
  • The product is inexpensive and easy to use for all decor house.
  • You are using flexible screens for doors

If you are in an apartment, you should use removable screen doors.  Magnetic clip screen doors might be handy for that purpose. You can install and remove these in an instant.

All products described below have the best quality and the best reviews. So be with us and choose the best product for your home. If you are thinking “Where can i buy best magnetic screen door?” You are in the right place.

A Comparison of the different brands of Magnetic Screen Door





Full Frame VelcroFull Frame VelcroCheck now

36″ x 82″ (White)

Magic Bug screenMagic Bug screenCheck now


Flux Phenom Reinforced Screen DoorFlux Phenom Reinforced Screen DoorCheck now

38 x 82-Inch

Bodyguard Screen DoorDeconovo Thermal Insulated Blackout CurtainsCheck now

34 x 82-Inch

Premium Screen Door

Premium Screen Door

 Check now

34-Inch-by-82-Inch MAX


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Best Screen Doors for Patio Doors:

When Choosing a screen door for patio door, try to pick one which goes well with the doors design. Better to pick a transparent one so that it doesn’t mess with the design. According to our study, Flux Phenom Reinforced  Screen Door is the best for almost any kind of patio doors.

Best Screen Door for Sliding Doors:

You should go for Velcro attached screen when going for sliding doors. This can be a bit tricky to chose at first because of the doors railing system. Make sure your mesh doesn’t interfere with the path of the door. This full frame velcro screen will be most suitable for your sliding doors.

Magnetic Screen Doors for French Doors:

You actually can use the same mosquito screens for french doors like we suggested above. But make sure you have the measurement right. French Doors tend to be bigger than the regular ones. This full frame velcro screen should have you covered. If your door has two parts, buy two fly screens or cut one and paste it. But latter is not recommended.

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Our most recommended product :

Flux Phenom Screen DoorFlux phenom Screen Door

5.0 out of 5.0
based on admin rating.

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Best Magnetic Screen Door Reviews:

  • Full Frame Velcro
  • Magic Bug screen
  • Flux Phenom Reinforced Screen Door
  • Bodyguard Screen Door
  • Premium Screen Door

1. Full Frame VelcroFull Frame Velcro

Good reviews: First of all, this screen door has a large review in the market. The users have expressed their great experience about this screen door.

Quality: The product is made of the toughest mesh, and it is suitable for the door up to 34″x82″. Heavy mesh construction surely can prevent all insects to get inside.

Measurement: First, measure your door for the perfect measurements. This screen door has 26 powerful magnets and reinforced edges.

Every inch of the frame has the velcro for the easy usage. The materials used in the product is very high quality.

Instruction: With the product, you will get clear instruction on how to use it. The installation process is very easy. The instruction video is also provided by the company.

This risk-free product can give you 100% satisfactory.  Trust me and the other user’s judgments about this product. The product comes with the 100% money back guarantee. If you get any manufacturer problem, then the company will take an action.

The product won’t get affected by the rough weather. The price of the product is very Cheap. This can be used for french doors, patio doors etc. it has velcro attached screen which makes it very easy to use. It won’t mess with the door sweep.

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2. Magic Bug ScreenMagic Bug screen

Fresh air: If you use this screen door, then you will get fresh air all day long. The product installation process is very easy. Within one minute you can install the product. For the installation process, you don’t need any additional tools. This magnetic fly screen is very useful against insects.

Robust: It has 26 strong magnets for closing the screen quickly. The magnets are strong for holding the screen parts together in the heavy wind.

Quality: The premium quality mesh ensures that no insects can get inside. If you are pet person then no worry, your pets can enter through the screen comfortably. The durability is one of the best things about this product.

Affordable: This portable door has the standard 39 x 83 inches door frame. Affordable price and durability make the product more charming.

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3. Flux Phenom Reinforced Screen DoorFlux Phenom Reinforced Screen Door

Instruction: You can instantly install this screen door smoothly. All the necessary installation tools come along with this screen doors. You can also see the video to understand how to install the product.

Durable Magnet: This metal black screen door has the strong magnet. The magnets are durable for the long run.

Description: The price of the product is moderate. The size of the product is 14.9 x 11.7 x 2.1 inches. The weight is only 1.4 pounds. Suitable for all kind of standard doors.

Comfortable: The design of the screen door is pet-friendly. Your pet comfortably can go in and out through the door.

This durable heavy mesh product is able to block smallest insects from entering the room. You can use this product in any decor home.

In the online market, this product has a real demand. If you are concerned about your family safety, then this product is the one for you.  Flux phenom is highly recommended as the best magnetic screen doors for sliding glass doors. You can use this for your sliding glass door without any hassle. It fits perfectly to almost any glass door.

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4. Bodyguard Screen DoorBodyguard Screen Door

Sturdy: This is another excellent product for your home. The powerful magnet can hold the door strongly and get rid off all the insects from entering the room.

Comfortable: The magnets won’t make any noises. Also, magnets are durable for long term use. The product is lightweight. Suitable for all standard doors. Your pet and kids comfortably use this screen door.

Quality: The net quality is excellent and the mesh uses high density. Even the smallest bugs can’t get inside your room, but the air can flow smoothly. No additional care needed.

Inexpensive: Easy to install this product. The product is inexpensive. It is only 1.3 pounds in weight, and the size of the product is only 12.8 x 1.6 x 8.8 inches.

It’s high Velcro loop can fasten the door screen mesh tightly. Even strong wind can’t open the screen door easily. Suitable for any weather.

The product review is pretty decent. For the inexpensive price and the good quality, you should consider this product for your home.

You can use it on your garage door as well. It won’t cause much problem with the garage door seals or rollers.

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5. Premium Screen DoorPremium Screen Door

Quality: This premium grade level product is another fantastic product. The product has the powerful magnetic grip. Without any noise, you can comfortably use this product.

Flexible: This magnetic screen door can prevent smallest insects from entering your house. Suitable for all standard doors. Easy to install. Manuals come with the package.

Lightweight:  This product is very light and you can use it with ease.The size of the product is 36 x 0.2 x 82 inches.

This magnetic screen doors high-quality mesh prevents the dangerous insects. Durable for long time usage. The mesh density won’t interrupt air flow into the room. Your pets wont have any problem going through it.

Child Safety: This is also child safe. The product cheap in price. Available in the online shop. Better not to waste time and get this product quickly.

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Best rated Magnetic Screen door:

Full Frame Velcro is the best rated magnetic screen door in our opinion. A huge number of amazon reviews also supports our suggestion. If you are in a hurry, you can go for it.

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How to install magnetic screen door:

Here is a complete step by step video of showing how you can a screen door. Magnetic screen door installation is a lot simpler than it sounds. Most screen doors come with installation guide which is very easy to follow. If you follow the steps properly, it should not be a problem.


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Screen Door Magnets:

Screen Door magnets are kind of stickers which is stuck on the screen door. It helps to people to see that there is a closed screen door so that they don’t accidentally bump into it. Screen door magnets can be used on fridges as well. This is also known as magnetic screen door savers.


Bes sure to use magnetic screen door closer and cleaners to keep the doors neat and clean. otherwise, they won’t be usable after a very short period of time. You can use magnetic mesh screen doors or bug screen doors for your patio doors or french doors.

Bug screens for patios is a must as lots of bugs can enter your house through the door and make your life uncomfortable. Make sure you clean your flexible insect screens regularly. You can also look for washers to wash the doors. If you do not find the right sized screens, opt for custom made screens. Read this article to know how to clean the magnetic screens properly.